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                             *Registered Idaho Pasture Pigs*

Grass Fed Pork, Pasture Pork, Natural Pork, Grazing Pig, all of these names apply to the Idaho Pasture Pigs.

Idaho Pasture Pigs are a new breed of pig specifically designed to grow and mature at a faster rate than the Kunekune pigs, but are still true Grazing pigs.  These pigs mature to market weight within about 8 - 9 months(eating primarily grass) and eat less grain than the average meat hog does.  Butcher weight is about 200-250 pounds. They are also smaller in size at maturity comparitively than the average meat hog. Sows should mature to about 250-350 pounds and a boar should mature to about 350-450 pounds.

 Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP's) are a combination of the original Duroc, old Berkshire, and Kunekune breeds.  The founder of the IPP's spent years perfecting the combination to get a fast growing, friendly, and most importantly GRAZING meat pig.  Idaho Pasture Pigs come in a variety of colors including black, white, ginger, tri-colored, red, and any combination of these colors. 

They have a disposition similiar to the Kunekune pigs in that they are loveable, are extremely gentle, and love attention.  Because of this, they are easier to farrow and have less complications.  They also have inherited the short, upturned snouts that the Kunekune pigs have, which allows them to be pasture based.  They love grass and will graze just like the other animals we have on our farm. 

Tired of having your fields look like a plow went through?  Still want to be able to grow your own pork?  Then the Idaho Pasture Pig is definitely the answer!!!  Provided your pigs are getting the necessary minerals they need, there is very little rooting up your fields - just nicely grazed pastures that look like horses or bison live there! 

We have the largest herd of registered Idaho Pasture Pigs!  We are extremely dedicated to providing the best quality in terms of breed stock. 

We sell registered breeding gilts, registered breeding boars, registered breeding pairs, and barrows (piglets) for meat.  We are taking deposits now on our upcoming litters.  For additional information please feel free to email or call. 












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