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Live Animals for sale  *  White Bull Calves

 Update!!! Our beautiful bison cow, Lakota, has given birth to a beautiful baby bull calf and he is also white!  He is  available for sale!

We have been blessed with some beautiful white bull calves this year!

 Our first born little boy has already found his forever home and will eventually live in the great state of California --  Our second white bull calf has now found his home also and will live in South Dakota once he leaves our farm!


             Additional Bison Available for Sale

Additional brown, plains bison are for sale through our friend's bison farm also.  Multiple heifer's, cows, and bull calves are available for sale.  We will be happy to talk to you directly if you would like additional information on prices and availability!


               Bison Meat For Sale                        
We are sold out of bison meat indefinitely! 
1/4 Bison Bundle - Sold out at this time

Meat Cuts                       Approximate Weights in Lbs.

Porterhouse                                        2

T-Bone                                                2

Sirloin                                                 4

Delmonico                                          4

Various Roasts                                    15 

Short Ribs                                           3 - 5

Loose Burger                                      50

Patties                                                 15

Approximate total weight is 95 - 100 lbs

Your total cost is $695.00 (shipping not included)

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Payment Plans:

Here at White Bison Farm we understand the need for payment plans.  We have many different options available as well as customizing a certain payment plan to fit your needs.   Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you may have!



We use a couple very trusted equine haulers to transport our beloved horses when they need transport to their new homes.  They all have an impeccable character and care deeply for all of the horses they ship.  We never have to worry about our beloved equine "children" when they are traveling with these haulers.  We will be happy to help arrange for very reasonably priced, but extremely trustworthy transport for your new horse.